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Greetings South Florida! I am very pleased to begin offering violin lessons, workshops, and recitals to a new class of talented, motivated students. After over two decades teaching at the preparatory division of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston Massachusetts, from which I graduated, I have moved my family to warm, sunny South Florida to begin a new chapter. 
Students of all levels from absolute beginner to high schoolers preparing to study as undergraduates majoring in violin performance are welcome for an audition and interview at no cost, to determine whether we have found a good match. I have helped my younger students establish a solid foundation and quickly advance to leadership positions in their youth orchestras. Many of my more advanced students have been accepted into excellent conservatories, including Eastman, Peabody, Boston Conservatory, the Steinhardt School at New York University, the Hartt School of Music, Berklee College of Music, and others.  

I use a wide variety of literature in my teaching, including technical exercises, etudes, and repertoire from the Baroque to the modern. Every student is unique, with his or her own strengths and areas where more work is needed to build a well developed violinist. Additionally, every student has his or her own musical personality, and will have more of an affinity for some pieces and less for others. For these reasons, I urge families to avoid the “one size fits all” brands of violin teaching, and to explore the music of the many composers and teachers who have added to the culture.  
My own teachers are many, the greatest of whom are the highly acclaimed international soloist and teacher at the Curtis Institute, Aaron Rosand, and the premier exponent of the teaching of Demetrius Dounis, George Neikrug. When earning my degree from the New England Conservatory, I worked with the Tchaikowsky Competition gold medalist Masuko Ushioda, and during my time in the Konzertklasse at the Konservatorium Luzern in Switzerland, I studied with Gunars Larsens and Rudolf Baumgartner, the concertmaster and conductor of the Festival Strings Lucerne respectively. Other great influences include Clayton Haslop, student of Milstein, Miguel Negri, student of Menuhin, Robert Rozek, student of Milstein, and Alvaro DiGranda of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. It is my mission to pass on this rich legacy to the next generation.

I will travel to your homes for the lessons, and work out a schedule which suits your needs. The rate for lessons is $60 per hour. A 45 minute lesson might be appropriate for some younger students and the prorated cost will be $45. Workshops and recitals will include collaboration with a professional accompanist, and the fee will be the same as for one lesson.  

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